Improve Indoor Air Quality with Several Eco-Friendly Products

Posted by Sara McIntosh on Feb 2, 2017 1:31:15 PM

We all know that it is important to keep the quality of the air in the house at a prime state for the health and wellness of the entire family. There are basic steps to take such as cleaning the house, as well as having the air vents and ducts cleaned regularly, and then making sure the air filters of the HVAC system are changed as instructed.

Eco Air Filter

While changing the air filter as often as is instructed for the system maintains a more healthful environment, there is also the ability to add an ecofriendly air filter to the HVAC system to further improve the air quality of the home. There is no need to constantly worry about the further release of dust, toxins and other dangerous particles released into the air on a regular basis. There are many HEPA filters available to help improve the in-home air quality for everyone, improving our health all over the world.

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Some Tips to Improve Home Air Quality

Posted by Sara McIntosh on Nov 30, 2016 12:53:39 PM

There are so many different methods that can be used to improve the air quality of your home and, in the long run, strengthening your family’s health. While we all know of many of the basics like changing the air filter in the furnace and having the vents and ducts cleaned, there are plenty of options to help ensure that your family is consistently breathing in the highest quality air.

There is always the option to first apply a certain air tester throughout the home to help determine exactly what details are most in need of improvement and what can be done to clean. These testers can be purchased at a number of online locations as well as any local home supply store. Some tests are specifically for mold, while others are kits that contain multiple tests for chemical pollutants and other dangerous air contaminants.

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Topics: Air Quality