Street Lamps That Can Catch Mosquitoes Developed

Posted by Tom Denham on Dec 20, 2016 2:50:01 PM

A solar and wind powered street lamp that attracts and captures mosquitoes has been developed by researchers at Malaysia’s University of Malaya.

The “Eco-Greenergy Outdoor Lighting System” consists of an LED street lamp that produces low levels of carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are lured by carbon dioxide that humans exhale.

The level of carbon dioxide emitted by the light is relatively low, and the benefits of the clean energy it provides outweigh the emissions, according to researchers.

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Ward off All Those Garden Pests Naturally and Safely

Posted by Sara McIntosh on Nov 8, 2016 1:04:23 PM

There are many different options for organic, non-toxic pesticides in maintaining your home landscape and garden. With the use of these non-toxic pest control methods there are several advantages, including a lower expense, reduced health damage to pets and family members and best of all, being better for the environment.

There is one strongly effective option to battle certain bugs, caterpillars, worms and other mild pests with tobacco or nicotine spray. If you can mix one cup of natural tobacco with one gallon of water you can naturally protect some of your flowers and other plants. Create the mixture, let it sit about 24 hours, check that it is about the color of weak tea and spray on flower or plant gardens. However, make sure not to use this on gardens with tomatoes, peppers or other members of the solanum vegetable family, as the plants will also be killed by exposure to tobacco.


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Topics: Pests and pesticides